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Wednesday 20th May - I am looking for a part time Caseworker to join the team in my Sheffield office and for a Communications Officer to come and work with me in London. Details of both jobs and how to apply can be found below.

Part time Caseworker

Communications Officer

Thank you

Tuesday 12th May - Iím delighted to have been re-elected as your MP for Sheffield Central for the next five years, with a majority increased from 165 to 17,309 (see the full results here). Iím really grateful to everyone who gave me their support and Iím looking forward to serving all my constituents and raising your voice in Parliament over the next five years. Thanks also for all the messages of congratulations since last Thursday.

My result was obviously overshadowed by the disappointing outcome for Labour nationally, which was made all the worse as it wasnít expected right up to the exit poll at 10pm on election night. My thoughts are now with all those constituents who were voting last Thursday for change Ė like the people who told me that they were voting for the first time in their lives to get rid of the bedroom tax, or others who were desperate to end their abusive zero hours contracts and those driven to food banks by benefit sanctioning.

The immediate future looks tough, but Iíll continue to stand up for the values on which I fought the election and to support those hit by the policies Iím expecting from the Tories. Labour is reflecting on how we build for the future and is looking hard at the lessons to be learnt from the election, as well as embarking on a contest for a new leader. Iíve expressed my personal thanks to Ed Miliband for the leadership that he provided over the last five years and hope that we build on the positive policies we offered last week. The message from the electorate is complex and it will take time to understand it fully. As part of that process, Iíd welcome your views on the election results and the next steps for Labour (email me at

Although Parliamentís not sitting until next Monday, Iíve been back in Westminster this week as we prepare to do the vital job which now falls to Labour Ė to provide a robust opposition to the first majority Conservative Government in 18 years. Iím also catching up with the additional individual casework that I picked up during the election campaign.

As the Conservative plans begin to unfold before the Queenís Speech on 27 May, it is increasingly clear how important it will be for there to be a strong challenge from the opposition benches. Iíll be making my voice heard on behalf of Sheffield and of the two-thirds of voters across the UK who didnít vote for the Tories. Iíll continue to keep you updated about my work in Sheffield and Westminster and I hope that youíll keep in touch with me. 

Thank you again.


VIDEO: Challenging the Prime Minister's empty words on low pay at PMQs

At the start of February the Prime Minister said Britain needs a pay rise. After his Government has held down pay I couldn't believe my ears. So at PMQs on February 11th I asked him why he rejected the recommendation from the independent Pay Review Body to give NHS staff a 1% pay rise.

Watch my question to Cameron here (or click the photo above) and see him dodge the issue completely. Or you can read my question and his answer here.

The Government refuses to give NHS staff, some of Britainís most valued workers, a modest pay rise but finds money to give millionaires a tax cut. A Labour Government would accept recommendations made by the independent pay review body for the NHS. Read more about our plans to tackle low pay here.

Immigration detention, personal debt, global justice and affordable housing Ė all part of my last week of this Parliament

Start The Week blog - Monday 23rd-Sunday 30th March

It hardly seems possible, but the five years of this Parliament are almost up, so this is my last week in Westminster before dissolution for the election. Itís been an extraordinary privilege to represent all 115,000 people in Sheffield Central and I hope to be able to continue to do so after the election. The five years have gone so quickly for me, but I know how tough theyíve been for those facing the brunt of the policies of this Tory/Lib Dem Government. So Iíll be working hard through April and early May to secure the change we need on 7 May!

My last week in Westminster before the election starts with Home Office Questions, where Iíve been selected (although late on the list) to press the Home Secretary on her response to the report of the recent Parliamentary Inquiry into Immigration Detention, of which I was Vice-Chair. Iíll also be meeting the Director of the Centre for Responsible Credit, which supported my Bill on payday lenders, to discuss their plans for a new campaign to tackle the UKís personal debt crisis.

As Parliament ties up the loose ends of outstanding business Iíll be at two Delegated Legislation Committees Ė one on ĎDraft Selective Licensing of Housesí and the other on ĎDraft Council Tax and Non-Domestic Rating (Powers of Entry: Safeguards) (England)í. Iíve also a final meeting of the Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) Select Committee, and Iíll be challenging Ministers at BIS Questions.

Iíll also be joining the Parliamentary launch of Global Justice Now (formerly the World Development Movement) and participating in a Channel 4 News workshop to connect 18-25 year olds and politicians, which will be broadcast on Tuesday evening. Iíve also a Council meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Universities Group, of which Iím Secretary, an event organised by the construction workers union UCATT, and a briefing on affordable housing.

As so often happens, my Thursday looks a bit uncertain. I hope to head back to Sheffield after BIS Questions, where Iíll be joining an event to mark Bangladesh Independence Day organised by the local community, knocking on doors and meeting constituents in Wybourn and Sharrow and speaking at the last meeting of my Constituency Labour Party before the election. But I may have to stay in Westminster for a further debate on the Modern Slavery Bill, on an issue relating to Overseas Domestic Workers on which I spoke last week (see my speech here).

On Friday Iím meeting with constituents on issue ranging from women in business to home education. Iíll be going along to a young membersí event organised by the GMB union, holding one of my regular open access surgeries and catching up with local Councillors. Then Iím heading up to the launch of ECHO, a community hub that Iíve been involved in setting up in Manor to relieve economic pressures on families Ė through alternatives to expensive high street shopping through to developing innovative cooking skills. Iím taking a day off on Saturday for the wedding of one of my staff team and then on Sunday Iíll be supporting Paula Sherriff, Labourís excellent candidate to win a seat from the Tories in in Dewsbury.

Signing the Book of Commitment to pledge my support for Holocaust Memorial Day

Tuesday 27th January is Holocaust Memorial Day which this year will mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration and death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, the site of the largest mass murder in history. I have signed the Holocaust Educational Trustís Book of Commitment in Parliament to pledge my commitment to Holocaust Memorial Day, to honour those who were murdered during the Holocaust and to pay tribute to the extraordinary Holocaust survivors who work tirelessly to educate young people.

I visited the Nazi concentration and death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau a few years ago. Itís a powerful symbol of the risks of allowing prejudice and intolerance to go unchallenged. In honouring the victims and survivors of the Holocaust we should all commit to standing up against those who promote division and hatred today. Read more here.

Over £3000 raised to to stop the spread of Ebola in West Africa - thank you

A big thank you from me and Linda McAvan MEP to everyone who supported our fundraising appeal for Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders). We set ourselves a target of £1000 but have raised three times to reach the huge amount of £3,106. This fantastic sum is a true show of Sheffield solidarity with communities in West Africa that are being devastated by Ebola. MSF staff are working tirelessly to stop the spread of Ebola in West Africa and this money will support their heroic efforts. Read more about our fundraising appeal here.

I'm honoured to receive the Parliamentarian of the Year award from Citizens Advice

Thursday June 5th - At an event in Westminster yesterday I was honoured to receive the Parliamentarian of the Year 2014 award from the national charity Citizens Advice for my work campaigning for payday lending regulation.

It's a huge honour to receive this award from Citizens Advice. It's a tribute to everyone who has campaigned to stop the payday loan rip-off and forced the Government to act. Ministers could not ignore the sustained pressure from debt and consumer charities, churches, trade unions, MPs, Councils, and the thousands of people who signed our petition saying that the irresponsible behaviour and practices of payday lenders have to stop.

You can read my full press release and comments here.

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Election 2015

Thank You!

Delighted to have been re-elected as Labour MP for Sheffield Central with a majority increased from 165 to 17,309. 

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Immigration detention, personal debt, global justice and affordable housing Ė all part of my last week of this Parliament

Start The Week blog - Monday 23rd-Sunday 30th March It hardly seems possible, but the five years...

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